tvtr - TV timer

tvtr is a small GUI program for the system tray to record a DVB-C/S/S2/T/T2 broadcast.
Only one recording can be scheduled at once. However, many instances of tvtr can be run, but then it is the users responsibility, that the scheduled recordings do not overlap.

- tvtr is based on Qt5.
- the adapter ID, frontend ID, demux ID as well as the target directory for the recording can be set.
- tvtr uses dvbv5-zap from the dvb-apps for recording.
- tvtr uses systemd's systemctl poweroff to shutdown the PC after a recording.
- tvtr uses mpv to watch a currently recorded broadcast.

The program is released under GPL2 or later.

tvtr showing the 'right-click' menu:

tvtr menu pic

tvtr's settings screen:

tvtr settings pic

tvtr's schedule recording dialog:

tvtr schedule recording pic

  - Qt5, for compilation
  - cmake, the build tool for compilation
  - dvbv5-zap (dvb-apps), for recording (not required during compile)
  - dvbv5-scan (dvb-apps) and w_scan (patched(?)), to scan a DVB source for available channels and create a 'channels.conf' file (not required during compile)
  - mpv, to watch a running recording (not required during compile)

On start tvtr shows the schedule recording dialog. At first start, close it and right-click on the systemtray icon.
Select 'settings' from the menu that will open and set some defaults.
The online help can be reached by right-clicking on the tray icon and selecting 'Help'.
It has a section which describes how to create a channels.conf file in the required dvbv5 format.

tvtr-1.9.1 ; 09. Jul. 2016
* now Qt5 based
* now using dvbv5-zap for recording, supporting german DVB-T2
* now using mpv to watch running recording
* shutdown now handled via systemd, if systemd is not used, tvtr works but shutdown has to be handled by an external program, e. g. gshutdown
* icons are now SVG
Source: tar.gz ; arch linux: PKGBUILD, x86_64

tvtr-0.9.18 ; 15. Aug. 2010
* fixed tooltips on file dialogs for channels.conf and recording dir
* fixed show icons on file dialog pushbuttons, provide Tango pngs in /usr/share/tvtr...
* fixed show many popup messages close to calling cursor
* fixed enable save button in settings dialog when setting channels.conf and recording dir via file dialog
Source: tar.gz ; arch linux: x86_64

tvtr-0.9.16 ; 29. Jul. 2010
* fixed show about dialog near system tray menu
* fixed compile
Files no longer online

tvtr-0.9.15 ; 04. Dec. 2009
* fixed: do not shutdown when canceling a recording manually and shutdown on recording ending is selected
* fixed: (hopefully) disable screen blanking while watching current recording with xine
Files no longer online

tvtr-0.9.14 ; 27. Nov. 2009
* added: shutdown on end of recording with sudo shutdown
* added: disable screen blanking while watching current recording with xine (screensaver and dpms, will be re-set to original settings on exiting xine)
* v0.9.13 was never released
Files no longer online

tvtr-0.9.12 ; 10. Oct. 2009
* added: view current recording with xine
Files no longer online

tvtr-0.9.11 ; 17. May 2009
* fixed: instant recording
Files no longer online

tvtr-0.9.10 ; 14. May 2009
* implemented: instant recording
Files no longer online

tvtr-0.9.9 ; 27. Mar. 2009
* initial release
Files no longer online